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My Office Makeover REVEAL!

My Office Makeover REVEAL!

A couple of months ago, I decided it was time to do something about the unorganized mess of an office I was working in. I wanted the space to be inspiring, bright, and much more minimal with a touch of sparkle. Instead of just working with what I had, I decided to start fresh. Out with the old, in with the new! When you look at the “before” photos, you’ll see why I was feeling less than inspired in my daily space:

For some reason when we moved here, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to paint the room a super bright aqua colour. It worked in the beginning, and then sort of lost direction. Nothing matched, the clutter of my supplies and things began to pile up, and I started to really hate it.

The first thing I decided I needed to do was paint the room flat white. This seemed like a simple enough idea at the time, but I underestimated the amount of coats I would need to apply. Four layers and two buckets of “primer included” paint later and my room was finally white.

the desk mission

My second mission was to find a new desk. I had put this off for so long because I always have SUCH a difficult time finding a desk. Seriously, why is desk shopping so stressful!? The one I had been using was literally the one my family first purchased when we got our very first computer, with a couple of coats of white paint and a solid backing added by moi. It was tiny and not very functional. Every other time I tried searching for a new one I would come up empty handed, so it had stayed with me all of this time.

I must have spent weeks searching for the perfect desk. One that included storage, a large pull out keyboard tray, a place for my CPU, a large surface, and a decent looking backside as I really don’t like facing towards the wall when I work. It’s like bad feng shui or something. I was willing to spend as much as I needed to for this perfect desk. Luckily, the one I found was from Walmart, of all places, and met every requirement. I LOVE it and it was so easy to put together by myself.

Alright, so now you want to see the result of my efforts. Here are the photos! Products I bought are all listed at the end of this post.

The result: I am loving this space so much. The lighting and the coziness of having pieces I love all around me makes it special and really easy to work in. Painting the room white was also a great idea as I take a lot of my blog photos in here and the white balance is so much nicer than that bright aqua tint! There are still a couple of pieces I plan on adding to the room, but overall it’s become my favourite place in the house, and isn’t that what any work area should feel like!?

Item list:

Plus sign curtains from Urban Outfitters
Desk from Walmart
Ranarp Work Lamp from IKEA
Gold sequin pillow from H&M Home
Doe head Cholet Hollow Vase from Anthropologie
Ribba frames from IKEA (various sizes)
Rug from AllModern
Princess telephone – vintage
Gold cabinet from Lowes by Monarch Specialties
Pyramid mod chairs with wood legs
Side table in between chairs – vintage family piece
Lamp with gold base – Gift, spray painted base
Vinyl triangle wall stickers – Made myself on my Cricut with sticky vinyl
Artwork – a lot of it was made myself, others from Society6