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The Little Things That Make Me Happy

The Little Things That Make Me Happy


Sleeping In

Although I’m not one to sleep until noon, I am super appreciative of the fact that I have the freedom to sleep in whenever I feel like it. Way back before I started working for myself, I did have those grueling 5am shifts, and looking back now, I can’t even fathom how I managed.


Cat Personalities

It’s so amusing how different each of our cats are. I find myself chuckling at their quirks every single day and love how much joy they bring into my life. Oliver is such a cute little dude who loves to flop over and press his head into anything nearby while rolling back and forth with his tubby belly in the air.


Fake Flowers

That’s right… I said fake! I love them so much and am not ashamed. Having not much of a green thumb and zero patience to replenish vases every week, I’ve found them to be the perfect decor item that just adds a bit of sunshine to a room.


Warm Socks

Oh how I love my cozy socks! They just make everything better! My feet are constantly cold and I can’t deal with those thin knit types. Thick, cozy socks are an all-season essential for me.


Puppy Noses

That little button nose has my whole heart. It has three freckles and receives lots of kisses on a daily basis. Bear has seen me through so many happy (and not so happy) moments and is always available for fluffy snuggles when I need him.



Art in general just makes me happy. Being able to use my hands and brain to create something from my imagination is something that I will always be thankful for.

I think it’s important to recognize the little things that make us happy every single day. So often we can get caught up in life’s problems that we forget how lucky we are to experience the simplest of things. Now it’s your turn… what are some little things that make you happy?

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