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TECH TUESDAY: Insta Everything… InstaThis.

TECH TUESDAY: Insta Everything… InstaThis.

To say that Instagram has revolutionized mobile photography would be an understatement. Its database consists of over 150 million active users and over 16 billion photos! It’s no wonder many Instagram based businesses are popping up all over the place.

I’m going to be completely honest with you… I get at least one email a month from Instagram printing companies sharing their websites with me. A lot of them are the same and just allow you to order printed photos of your Instagram pics (don’t they know I already told you guys how to do that from home? *wink*).  I don’t like sharing the same old stuff… and when this new company, InstaThis contacted me I was expecting more of the same until I checked out what they do.

They print your Instagram photos on wood, aluminum, and also let you make custom coasters (shown above… which I kinda thought was the coolest thing!). All you do is choose your photos and the material you want and you’re good to go. Have you ever seen your Insta photos printed on metal? It’s pretty awesome. I chose a photo of Bear and one of Nugget for mine and when they arrived I was highly impressed with the finished product:

I also chose 2 photos for the wood prints and here is how they turned out:

They look a bit more rustic than the aluminum. Both types have easy-to-hang backings on them and they come with special screws. All you do place the screw in the wall and slide the picture onto it. I thought this was kind of genius because my first thought when imagining the aluminum one was “how am I going to hang  that???” I’m glad they thought of everything!

It’s amazing what we can do with photos in 2014. If you want to get some art or coasters of your own, check out the InstaThis website and get started. They are offering a 15% discount to my readers with code WONDER15.  And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see these photos and more!

Are you into the whole “Instagram art” phenomenon?