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Last year I got an email from a girl. Victoria. She had read my previous posts about anxiety and just wanted to show her support. She told me that she struggled with the same issues, and that she had written a book about her experiences. She included an excerpt of one of the journal entries in her novel and it was the first time I’ve actually felt like somebody truly understood. I actually became choked up reading what she had written, and immediately wrote her back and said “you GET it!” finally somebody fully understood my mind.

Since then, we have become good friends and I don’t think more than a week has gone by without sharing lengthy emails about our days. She’s there to listen to me when I need to calm myself down. I’m there to encourage her to keep her head up and even accomplish her goals. Such as this book.

When she sent me her book to read, it wasn’t finished. It was a huge PDF full of stories. Still, I couldn’t put it down. I had transferred it to my Kindle app so I could take it away from my computer. When I finished, I was so in love with it and I wanted her to complete it and let the world read it! And she’s finally done just that… with a little coaxing from yours truly *wink*.  It’s called Angst and you can grab a Kindle copy for FREE today only on Amazon.

The book is for anyone, which is why I love it. It’s not your typical self-help type panic book. It’s actually a good story, full of crazy situations, romance (things get a little hot!!), sex, college antics, and of course that crazy brain of hers! It really shows you how somebody with an overactive panicky mind thinks and deals with situations. It’s an eye-opener for those that aren’t familiar with this mental state, and a support system (with a little entertainment) for those that are.

Please check it out, she is an amazing person and I’m so proud of her for finally getting her writing out there into the world! I wouldn’t recommend a book that I didn’t like and I promise you a good read!! If you read it let me know what you thought!

Victoria also has a blog where you can check out pieces from her book and so much more… to really get inside her mind!  She is such a good writer, so if you love to read….. you’re welcome!

ANGST – Free today on Amazon!
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