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Blogs you should know…

Blogs you should know…


When I stumbled upon this blog, I was smitten. The whole simple-yet-charming self illustrated design pulled me right in.  When I read that Monica was only 14 years old, my mouth dropped open. For reals? She puts so much thought into her posts and how they are displayed, and is one creative little cookie… so of course I adore her! Visit her!


Breanne is a fellow Canadian and can probably pull off any outfit you throw at her. There’s something I find refreshing about discovering Canadian bloggers… I’m not sure why. Maybe I feel like our blogging “club” is much smaller than elsewhere and that we should all be BFFs, haha.  I love checking out her outfits and always secretly commend her for braving the cold and snow in tights (because I’m such a wimp myself). Seriously girl, I don’t know how you do it! Visit her!


I’m such a sucker for well designed posts, and Maddie definitely falls into this category. If sewing is your thing, this is definitely a blogger you need to know. She makes patterns and clothes and even though some of that stuff is over my head, she makes it seem so easy. Visit her!


Carli Bybel is pretty well known on YouTube but I’ve only just recently discovered her. First of all, she is absolutely stunning. Secondly, she does some of the best makeup and hair tutorials… and let’s be serious, how can you look away from her with those eyes! *girl crush alert*. She looks like a celebrity and I kind of want to be her… okay, I’ll stop there hahaha. Visit her!

What blogs do you like to visit often? Leave me some links to check out in the comments!